Back to Back Review on Floor Rugs

What is a rug?

A rug is a partial floor covering of thick woven material.  Rugs differ from carpets because carpets usually cover the entire floor, wall to wall. In addition to covering the floor, rugs can be hung on walls, be used as table décor or as bed throws.

Rugs come in different styles, colors, patterns, and sizes. A rug makes space appear brighter and wider. Various patterns and colors on the rugs can create different effects in the house.

Huge patterns tend to make a room appear smaller while a rug with small patterns makes a room appear bigger and cluttered.

In rooms with poor lighting bright and colorful rugs make it appear brighter. Furniture that has straight and boring lines can be set off with abstract patterns.

living room rugs

indoor outdoor rugs

How to choose the perfect rug

Rugs are a great addition to any space. They can liven up a dull room or make a warm room even cozier.

A perfect rug should function as well as serve its aesthetic purpose. There are several things to consider when choosing a rug. These include:

Purpose: A rug should fit its purpose well. A foot rug should be soft because it should soothe your feet. On the other hand, a kitchen rug should be easy to wash and dry.

A bathroom rug should have anti-slip fabric because of water spills.

Room size: The size of a room can help determine the size of rug to buy. You can have a medium to large rug as the centerpiece of a room and have smaller sized rugs for areas such as beside the sofa.

Durability: A rug placed in commonly used room such as the family room should be made of a durable material because it is frequently used.

Design: A rug should have patterns, shapes or colors that reflect your taste. They should also match the room’s decor.

Material: Rugs are woven from different materials. You should choose a rug with a material that serves the rug’s purpose. Wool rugs repel water and stains and are ideal for family rooms.

Style: Casual looks can be achieved with cotton rugs while silk rugs can be used for a sophisticated décor. Chenille is an example of a sophisticated rug. It is soft and has a thick pile.

Room’s occupant: The room’s occupant determines the material and colors of the rugs. For example, a child’s room should have area rugs that have bright colors.

They should be stain-resistant and be made of materials that are easy to wash and clean.

Washable kitchen rugs

High traffic areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and family room result in marks, stains, and dirt appearing on the rug. This can make the rug look ugly or old.

It is advisable to buy washable rugs for such areas. Kitchens can often leave a rug greasy and dirty. Washable kitchen rugs will enable you to have a clean looking rug in the kitchen without having to pay for professional cleaning services.

You can wash them as regularly as they get dirty and hang them out to dry.


Living room rugs

The living room plays different roles to different people. To some, it is meant to entertain guest, while to others it is a place to relax and enjoy leisure activities such as reading, watch TV or mingle with friends and family.

Living room rugs can help you achieve the desired look or décor by brightening up a dull room or providing a soft place to put your feet on.

Large area rugs

Large areas can be dull and boring especially when bare. You can brighten up the room and enhance its décor by using large area rugs on the floors.

Rugs with bold and vibrant colors have the effect of downplaying the floor. They give a room personality. Different shapes and designs available and you can always find something that suits your taste.

The prices for large area rugs also vary and you can choose one that fits your budget. You can use large area rugs to create a focal point to a room.

For example, a bold design for a dining room with a wood table and chairs will make the rug the focal point of the room. It is important not to upset the room’s balance by having a cluttered room.

If the room’s décor is loud a simple large area rug in complementing colors should be chosen. On the other hand, if the furnishings are simple and plain, bold designs should be chosen.

Inexpensive area rugs

Inexpensive area rugs are great for decorating places with high traffic. This is because in such places rugs wear out quickly and often need replacing.

They are also great for decorating homes with children. Because of their adventurous and experimental nature, kids often spill thing on the rugs. Sometimes they may cause stains that are difficult to remove.

Inexpensive area rugs are appropriate for such rooms because they can easily be replaced. For areas such as playrooms, you do not need to buy expensive rugs.

Expensive area rugs can be purchased online where there is a variety of designs and patterns to choose from.

Modern area rugs

Modern living has raised the demand for modern items to decorate modern spaces. Modern area rugs have striking patterns and designs.

They often have bold colors, stripes or flowers. Modern area rugs are minimalistic and geometric in design.

When choosing a modern area rug you should ensure that it matches with the home’s décor and that it is to your taste.

Modern rugs are made from materials that do not require much care and maintenance. These include cotton, wool, olefin and polypropylene.

Wool area rugs

Rugs are made from different fibers. One of the popular fibers used is wool. Wool is a natural fiber which makes it extremely strong.

Wool area rugs are stain resistant and fade resistant. This is especially an advantage to people who have children and pets.

Being fade resistant implies that you will not have to replace the rug due to color loss. They are also resistant to dust mites.

This makes them hypoallergenic and reduces allergy cases in the household. Wool is fire resistant and it can withstand high temperatures without being destroyed.

Wool area rugs are beautiful and their addition to the home is a great investment. They come in different colors and styles which range from detailed to simple. Numerous companies manufacture wool area rugs and getting one that suits both your taste and budget should not be difficult.

Cheap area rugs

If your budget is tight, you can look for inexpensive quality area rugs. These will be able to last for a few years.

You should consider the area you want to put the rug in so that you can know what type of cheap are rug to buy.  A damp area like a bathroom should have a rug that is able to withstand dampness.

A rug for a kid’s room should be durable and easy to clean. Braided rugs can be bought at affordable prices.

However, you have to ensure that they are finished on both sides so that they can last for longer. Braided rugs have the extra advantage of flipping them over once one side is worn out. This gives the rug a new look. You can find affordable rugs for sale online.

Indoor outdoor rugs

Whether you need a way to add a few finishing touches to a room or you need t revitalize it, rugs are a great idea.

You can use indoor outdoor rugs to instantly change a room’s, mood.  In addition, rugs are a great tool for reducing noise level especially in areas with tile, hardwood or hard surface floors.

When placed properly, rugs add dimensions to wall to wall carpets and extend your carpet’s life.

Indoor and outdoor rugs can be used to add charm and warmth to a space. Classic elegance can also be created.

You can fix up the deck or patio during the summer and create a new look using indoor-outdoor rugs.

Outdoor rugs available in the market are numerous and it is all about selecting one that suits your taste. An outdoor braided rug is ideal if you have a roof on your patio because of its many colors.

You should consider summer activities to help you decide on a rug.  If you socialize, a soft rug will be appreciated.

If your deck is wooden a rug will help keep splinters from hurting the feet. The existing furniture should help in making a decision on what rug to buy.

You can choose a colorful rug to add color to a dull area or bring out the mild colors in existing fabrics. You can shop for indoor-outdoor rugs in hardware stores, departmental stores, and online retailers.

Discount rugs

If you have been thinking about sprucing up your spaces but the cost is holding you back you can buy discount rugs.

Previously rugs were found in rich and wealthy homes only. This is because of the workmanship and detail that went into coming up with the designs.

The fabrics were also very expensive. However, it is now possible to decorate your home with discount rugs. This has been made possible by industrialization which has made the manufacture of rugs easy through machinery and synthetic fabrics.

Most people think that discount rugs imply that the rugs are ordinary, cheap and of poor quality. However, this is not the case.

They are rugs sold at a cheaper price because they occupy much-needed space in the home, are overruns or were not sold during the season.

To facilitate the next season’s rug space, shop owners’ sell the rugs at discounted prices to make space for incoming inventory.

How do I know the best time to buy discount rugs?

Select reliable home furnishing sites: Not all websites which offer rugs at discount prices are reliable. When browsing the sites, take the time to read through their shipping, processing and refund policies.

Clear policies and contact information that is detailed indicates that the site is reliable. You can also read customer reviews and experiences.

Time your purchase after a major event: Occasions such a Christmas, New Year always have good deals.

This is usually the best time to catch the lowest prices on items including rugs. Home furnishing sites will announce discounted items and you can compare prices to see what fits your budget.

Compare prices: After seeing a rug that you like you should take time and browse through other sites to compare price. You might find the same rug at a cheaper price on a different site.

Read descriptions well: Reading the description will inform you of the cleaning methods. This will give you an idea of what to expect in the care and maintenance of the rug.

Enjoy the online shopping experience: A lot of time and effort can be saved by shopping online. It can also allow you to find cheap rugs for sale online that will let you decorate your home without majorly denting your finances.

How to care for area rugs

Always place a rug pad under the rug to prevent wrinkling and sliding. This is especially important in areas like the bathroom to avoid falls and slips.

Rug pads will also protect the rug from wearing out quickly and the floor from scratches.

Read all the material in the package when you buy the rug. This will give you tips on how best to care for the rug. It will also give you information about the company’s return policy and other guarantees.

Always buy rugs with the appropriate material for different areas. For example easy to clean and durable rugs for a kid’s room and easy to wash and dry rugs for the bathroom.

Clean spills as soon as they happen to prevent the stain from becoming resistant. Always refer to packaging on what cleaning agents to use.