Laminate flooring – The Unique Floor, Excellent Finish

Laminate floors are easy to clean hence ideal choice for both bathrooms and kitchen. The laminated floors are available in a range of classic colors such as white, black, gray and a variety of wood effect finishes.

The diverse colors give you a wide variety of unique styles to fit your taste and preferences. The cheap Laminate floors give you an aesthetic look of expensive wood but at an affordable price.

It’s a result of artistic fiber from professional manufacturers who press and print thread with a copy of tiles patterns or wood grain.

wooden laminate floor

cheap laminate flooring

Most people confuse laminated wood floor with engineered wood floor which typically features a surface of the actual wood to give an unconquerable brand of solid wood.

Since there are numerous designs and styles to choose from cheap laminated flooring, it’s confusing to make a perfect choice for flooring your house.

Below is a guideline to enable you to make the right choice

At first, consider the room where the new flooring is to be installed. In most cases laminates are not fit for damp floors; therefore you need to check keenly on product description to define whether the design is appropriate for bathroom or kitchen.

Next, you need to make a choice between the wood effect and the laminate tile effect. You can make a choice from multiple varieties such as oak, walnut, ash, stone, chestnut or slate.

It’s very advisable to ask for free samples and compare different types since this drives you to an amicable decision before making a purchase.

When it comes to laying laminate floors, you need unique skills, accuracy and a lot of patience. However if you don’t have the ability to install it by yourself, then you can employ professional fitter at a cheap cost.

Furthermore, you can book a free consultation at your home to advise you on fitting and whether laminate is appropriate for your room.

You shall also be advised on accessing cheap laminated flooring. Apart from extending advice to you the flooring experts take your room dimensions to make you aware of actual laminate needed to picture-perfect your room at a cheap cost.

Wooden Laminate Flooring

Laminate wood flooring has a real look of floors in bathrooms and kitchens. The cheap laminate wood flooring provides great beauty on your floors with durable qualities giving you no worries of scratches despite the presence of active kids and pets on the floor.

Laminate Wood flooring can conquer areas under high traffic, withstand wear and tear in hallways, living rooms as well as the entry ways.

Commonly thicker wood laminate is rated stronger, durable and with high ability of noise reduction. Most users of wood laminate flooring positively describe it as warm and timeless.

Pros of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is prepared through pressing composite wood together at extreme temperatures.

Next, the image of hardwood is strategically positioned over the composite wood and cover it to form the laminate.

Since the materials forming wood laminates are cheap, the end installation cost is cheap and affordable with a high population.


Care and Repair of laminate flooring

If you purchase flooring that is in separate, the cost of maintaining wood laminate flooring is cheaper simply by the use of individual boards.

However, replacement of wood flooring depends on age and sunlight; a new piece needs close attention otherwise you might mismatch the boards

To enhance the durability of the laminated wood floors, avoid direct application of cleaner on the surface since it might cause staining of the laminate.

You need to spray the cleaner lightly on a damp mob or a cleaning cloth. Machines such as steam cleaners spray mops, and power cleaner should not be used for cleaning.

You should not use water as a cleaning agent and in the case of any spillage make sure it’s dried completely, the sooner, the better.

Consequently, you will enjoy the cheap cost of laminated wood flooring with minimum need for maintenance.

The laminate wood floor has more pros than cons hence an excellent option for flooring your room.

You won’t regret choosing cheap laminate wood flooring ranging from, warmth comfort to improved aesthetic value and appeal of your home.

How to Install Laminate Flooring

Installing laminate flooring requires laminate flooring tools and procedural activities to meet the best end. Below is a detailed coverage of practical procedure to install laminate flooring at cheap prices.

  1. Measurement of the room

Accurate measurement of the room is very essential. You should carry out through measuring which includes repeating the measurements more than once.

You will have to find a working partner and use a laser measure or a tape measure. Don’t forget to measure the area of the door frames where the laminate may go beneath when it is fitted. Laminate flooring is typically sold packs sorted by their size.

If your room is indented and recessed such as the presence of chimney breasts, break the room into subsections then add the total area of the room and include 5% for the waste.

Computing the height and depth of the stairs cases gives you the entire length of the stairs case area needed for installing laminate flooring.

Finally, when calculating allow 10 percent to any totals to provide for a margin of errors.

  1. Necessary tools for laminate flooring

It’s important to consider getting the right laminate flooring tools for faultless laminate flooring installation.

The tools might include:

  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Flooring Kit
  • Meter saw
  • Drill
  • Square
  • A vacuum cleaner
  1. Pre flooring preparations

The area under consideration should be made dry, smooth and even. Ensure you fix nails and screws firmly below the surface, so that the laminate or the underlay is safe from possible puncture.

If you are laying it on a block of concrete, put down a waterproof membrane correctly using underlay with an inbuilt waterproof membrane.

Exclude the skirting boards which can be refitted later when you afford new boards, if you are not ready for floor beading.

  1. Removal of the old laminate flooring

Although it’s cheap to lay laminate flooring on the existing one, it’s not a recommended method of carpet installation.

Laminate boards connect and float over the subfloor hence easily removable without any damage.

Firstly take up any transitions or trims from the flooring edge using your crowbar. Using craw bar remove nails and pull the boards along the floor perimeter by the craw bar.

For efficient board removal, follow row by row from the room’s side that each groove is facing.

  1. Cheap method to lay laminate flooring underlay

Underlays are of different types, but your choice influences the cost of installing laminate flooring. Each variety comes with a unique advantage.

Some underlays come with a damp proof casing inbuilt by the manufacturer. The area under consideration determines what kind of underlay to choose.

Bear in mind that, wet areas such as bathroom and kitchens are selective on the type of underlay to use. For the purpose of laminate flooring installation upstairs, thicker underlays are suitable since they provide more noise dampening compared to other varieties.

Lay the underlay wholly on the floor surface and trim it to fit. Cut a gap of 16 mm at all pipes.

  1. Simple steps to install laminate flooring

Do you need to incur cheap laminate floor installation cost? Then consider the following simple steps that won’t fail you.

Think about which direction you prefer the boarding to lie in. preferably, lay them in the direction of the longest wall. However, you won’t enjoy a cheap cost of laminate installation unless the following procedure is considered.

  1. a) You should start in a corner and lay the tongue side of the boards on the first row facing the closest wall.
  2. b) The boards will then click together by the click system.
  3. c) Then place the spacers from the flooring kit to separate the board and the wall with a range of 8-10 mm.
  4. d) Make sure that the last row of the boards has a width of 100 mm. you can make this successful by measuring ahead and standardize the first row and even cut the boards if necessary.
  5. e) At times it necessitates adjusting the length of the last board to ensure that it fits the length of your room.
  6. f) Next lay the rows side by side keenly enough to ensure the connections staggers from one row to another.
  7. g) Lay the plank over the preceding row to determine the width measurement of the last board.
  8. h) The laminate flooring need not touch the walls, pipes or the door flames to save the laminate from damage.


Fitting laminate flooring nearby the doorframes

To find good-natured results, fitting laminate flooring around the floors is worth working it right. You can either reduce the doorframe purposely to slide the board beneath or figure the boards by cutting to fit the doorframe.

Laminate Flooring Cost

To estimate the cost of laminate floor installation you need to know the square area coverage in the footage. Several factors are used to estimate the cost of laminate flooring.

When choosing a contractor and specialists, you need to find an unsaturated market so that you can incur a cheap cost of laminate flooring installation. Areas with a limited number of experts have a high cost of laminate flooring installation.

Moreover, the quantity of flooring you are replacing is a great determinant in valuing the cost laminate flooring. Small flooring areas have cheaper flooring installation cost compared to larger areas.

Calculating the Cost of Installing Laminate Floors

  1. Material costs

Determine the cost of material you are going to use. You need to identify the style and different options regarding color and finishes.

Choosing the right specialist to estimate your floor replacement plan can result in a cheap cost of installing a laminate floor.

At first, you need to approximate the square footage of the floor and multiply it with the cost of a unit square footage to the total of the material cost. There is a necessity to add 10% the total cost of incidental needs like the curved edges. Add the amount to the total cost.

  1. Cost of labour

Calculating labor cost is not a straightforward as approximating the materials. The reason behind is that contractors use different criteria to charge when removing the current flooring.

To achieve a cheap laminate installation contact 2-3 contractors and range their pricing. Take the cheapest contractor especially the one who offers a discount on your square footage.

Laminate floor sale

There are varied finishes to suit your choice for the overall look of your home. Laminate flooring is categorized into following:

  1. Smooth laminate flooring

Smooth Laminate creates a smooth surface, which is easy to clean and no need of using grooves to collect dust and dirt.

  1. Wood grain laminate flooring

The product is cheap and contains observable grains and small trenches on its surface which gives it a nature-wood appearance. The wood laminate flooring finishes are cheap and affordable with immense aesthetic value.

  1. The embossed laminate flooring variety

The process of making embossed wood laminate includes pressing the texture into the surface as a result giving it an express real wood expression.

Choosing among the varieties available is collateral to your taste and preferences. However, you should range your budget and consider the selection that will give you the cheapest cost of laminate flooring installation.

Choosing among the best laminate floor for your home


Your choice counts for comfort and pleasure in your house from laminate flooring. Discover wholly what you need to identify that will indeed improve your home under cheap cost.

Assessing laminate flooring thickness

Laminate flooring is available in varied thickness and lengths. If the area under consideration is subdivided into smaller places, it’s recommended you buy short length boards.

Laminate floor installation is cheaper and easier to install than in larger areas which require more raw materials.

When laminate flooring to colder places, it’s recommended you go an extra mile and lay a separate underlay for insulation purposes.

Selecting the right color for laminate flooring

Your taste determines the color of the flooring to choose. There is no end to achieve your preferences since laminate flooring is cheaply available in varied textures and shades.

Using laminate flooring in kitchen and bathroom

There is no limit to using laminate floors in kitchen and bathrooms since there are many cheap products specially designed for high moisture resistance.

Bathrooms and Kitchens are subject to adverse temperature and humidity changes. Therefore you need to find a professional, note the one with cheap laminate flooring installation, to fit a floor specially designed to resist this kind of tear and wear.